Labs, Low Cost?

It’s open enrollment, and the hot topic is evaluating your coverage, especially when it comes to labs.

Something that can be very useful when deciding on a plan is knowing what the copays would be for major events such as an MRI, CT scan, or labs.

Do you have to meet a deductible first, or is it just a copay?

We know that the higher deductible the lower the premium. If your deductible is high and you, are not compensated, there’s actually a workaround to that. If you know you’re not going to hit your deductible, going through a traditional route will cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

If you’re a pretty healthy person, and you go once or even just twice a year to have labs done, I recommend a service called Laboratory Assist where you can actually get cash pricing for labs.

  • Visit their website or call them
  • Tell them the labs you need
  • They will plug in the codes you need for the labs
  • It will give you very low-cost labs – as low as $7 per lab for routine labs

Another service I can recommend is Radiology Assist.

This is a great choice for out-of-network needs, or if you are uninsured. For example, a mammogram can be around $147 through this service, or an MRI for $347.

If you are not worried about meeting your deductible – possibly because it is too high, why not pay $347 for an MRI? (They are usually over $1000).

These services are very helpful in saving you out-of-pocket costs, while still getting you the services you need.

If you have any questions or need assistance in anything health insurance-related, please feel free to reach out to me.

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