Diagnosis Insurability

Let’s look at “do’s and don’ts” regarding diagnosis insurability.

Client example:

  • A client called me this past week and was a little bit frustrated because they are a healthy person.
    • Their child had a condition that the doctor said might be genetic.
    • So this client went and had all the testing done.
    • And come to find out, she didn’t have the condition, but it was worded weirdly on the results.
  • Since she was trying to apply for nontraditional health insurance, which does have underwriting questions, she was denied.
    • She responded that maybe she should not have gone and had the testing done.
    • And I said, “Well, yes and no”:
      • You do want to know if there’s some kind of issue or potential issue, to do all the right things.
      • But what people don’t realize is, especially when it comes to major medical plans, they are going to take you regardless of conditions- they have to, that that was the ACA rules.
      • But with nonmajor medical plans the notion that they can’t deny you due to pre-existing conditions, is not true… Yes, they can.
        • Even for some supplemental coverages.
        • Yes, they can deny you, if you want a life policy, and there’s something in your record, that could be a knockout
      • People don’t realize, that they need to be very careful about all the testing they have done.

Now I am not suggesting you do not do your due diligence or go for your checkups.

But you have to be very careful about what you decide to do.

Some people want to do extra testing. I’m not talking about the necessary tests that doctors recommend. I am talking about a client who saw there were new tests out, possibly they saw a commercial for something and decided to get that procedure done.

What that does, is it goes on your medical record.

And when it goes on your medical record, it can lead to all other kinds of issues.

So, my suggestion is to be very careful. If you think of something that you want to do to change your lifestyle or find out if there are some certain genetic markers, you know, do that if it makes you feel comfortable, but be mindful about how that affects your insurability.

I’ve had that happen to another client who was misdiagnosed with breast cancer. And she can’t get any kind of cancer coverage. Because she had that misdiagnosis – even though she’s gotten paperwork saying she’s fine, no underwriters for the insurance companies want to negotiate this with her.

So just be very wary.

Do what you feel like you need to do to be healthy, to give yourself the tools and the knowledge to stay healthy, but also know how that could affect your insurability.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. 

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