Custom Plans for Employers

Looking for a customized approach to your benefits portfolio? That is my specialty. I understand that not all businesses are alike. I work hard to offer solutions and services that are beneficial to your organization. I never lose sight of your goals and budget. This is why the consultative approach is critical to the overall process.

  • Fully insured group health plans (for 3 to 100 employees)
  • Group life insurance: Guarantee issue options with coverage starting at $25k
  • Dental and vision plans: Full coverage options or discount plans
  • Disability income plans: Helps cover employee salaries when they are sick or hurt
  • Voluntary and Supplemental Plans: Additional coverages to fill in ”gaps” to health insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage: Monies paid directly to employees if an unforeseen event occurs
  • Direct Primary Care: Monthly membership that covers primary care visits
  • Telemedicine: Access to a doctor 24×7 via telephone
  • Long-Term Care: Help with nursing home and assisted living expenses
  • 401(k)/retirement planning: Free financial needs analysis with each employee

Custom Plans for Individuals & Families

We understand that no two individuals or families have the same needs. There is no “one size fits all.” We explore your needs and customize options specifically for you or your family.
  • Traditional ACA plans: Help families navigate traditional plan lingo
  • Short-term plans: Great options for in between jobs or close to retirement age
  • Private plans: Great affordability for healthy families
  • Direct primary care plans: Monthly membership pricing with unlimited access to primary and urgent care
  • Telemedicine: 24×7 access to a doctor via telephone
  • Dental and vision plans: Full coverage or discount plans that save $$$
  • Life insurance: Getting the right coverage can save $$ and give you an income stream upon retirement
  • Long-term care: Helps with nursing home and assisted living costs
  • Annuities: Planning for cash flow in retirement years
  • Financial needs analysis: Free consultation to help set goals and manage your income
  • Retirement planning: How do I transition from full time to retirement?


A Healthy Female

Explore this actual scenario for a healthy 50-year-old female, (this is a real person, but shown here for illustration purposes only). If she opts for a private healthcare plan, she will save more than $7,000 per year. Many don’t realize that they are over-paying for healthcare services that they often don’t use.

Yearly premium$10,800$3,600
Female wellness$0$150
TOTAL COST$11,800$4,470

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