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So this week, I’ve come across a company that I think is going to be a really good fit for a lot of people for their vision insurance. So traditionally, if you’re an individual and you don’t have a group, VSP is what I usually offer you because that’s the best we can do on an individual basis.

But there’s this “sub-sub group” of VSP.

They’re owned by VSP.

  • It’s a community eye care.
  • It is in a network with all the major vision, and glass networks.
  • And what’s cool about this plan is it doesn’t need to be employer-paid
    • We just need a minimum
      • The employer needs to have at least two employees to participate.
      • But we can put one person on there, as long as the employer has two employees
      • 1099’s and part-time employees can count.

Essentially, it has lots of flexibility.

With this plan, we can offer the Benefit Provisions:

  • either fully paid by the employer
  • or voluntary
  • or the employer can choose to pay a portion.

Again, completely flexible, you know, I can make that match whatever you want to do.

The best part though is the benefits:

  • it’s a $10 copay per eye exam.
  • Up to a $225 allowance for glasses or contacts
  • 20% off anything over that for glasses
  • 10% off anything over the allowance for contacts.
  • Also, unlike almost every other plan on the market, this plan allows you to use your flexible benefit for things other than prescription glasses
    • you can get:
      • readers
      • safety glasses
      • sunglasses

This goes a long way in making sure you are going to use the benefit each year. And if you go in-network, you’re going to save even more money.

Remember, this is also a standalone product that I really feel is going to be a good fit for a lot of people. If you have your own LLC, all I need is a tax ID, and then we can set up a group plan for you. And you can get some cool vision benefits for you, your family, and your employees. Book a consultation with me, and I can give you quotes and see what all that looks like.

If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to reach out to me.

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