Tax Dollars

This week, I’m going to talk about small employer group and TAX!

More specifically, small employer groups that have at least five employees.

For any small business owners out there who do not yet offer your employees health insurance, I can provide you with all the information needed to know that you can do so, and for those business owners that do provide health insurance, here are a few tips & tricks to make sure you are getting the most out of health insurance for your employees.

A free program for telehealth

  1. This program is free
  2. Can be used for teledoc, primary, and urgent care
  3. It is used instead of health insurance, which either brings the overall cost of health insurance down or keeps it low
  4. There is a benefit included that reduces the employee’s taxable income.
    1. It reduces the employer’s matching FICA and Medicare.
    2. A win for everyone – less taxes.
  • That money provides benefits to the employees (we call them reserve benefits) 0 And that money is used to purchase additional benefits at no cost –
    1. disability accident coverage
    2. cancer coverage
    3. dental vision

You do need at least five employees to do this. But it’s a great, great way to give employees more benefits, save people tax money, and keep your health insurance costs lower.

If you have existing health insurance, and your broker has not talked to you about this, please call me, we can at least do this piece of it. If you don’t have a good relationship or a non-existent relationship with your broker, I’m happy to become your broker. But, at the very least I can help you with this program and get some more benefits for your employees.

Some benefits of this program:

  • Disability is a great benefit because it will give your employees benefits if they get hurt outside of work, or if they’re sick and unable to work, there’ll be a benefit to help cover their paycheck.
  • The cancer and critical illness portion will pay a benefit to the employee if they get cancer or have a critical illness like a heart attack, or stroke.
  • It can help offset a deductible or co-pays.

I’m getting more and more employers on board with this because it just makes sense for them. Another aspect of small business health insurance that I can help you with is being on a self-funded plan. Self-funding could save you tons of money on your premium because the premium is based on the demographics of your employees and claim usage. So, if we can keep claims down by providing the telemedicine, keep the claim costs down, so you can actually as an employer when it’s self-funded, get money back at the end of the year for the premium pay down because you didn’t use all the claims.

I have lots of solutions. We can customize it any way you want. I can work with your existing broker to do this. If you have someone you know, like, and trust, that’s fine too. Just let me know and I’m happy to have a conversation with you.

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