I get asked a lot about small business insurance options for people who don’t pay themselves as a W2, or maybe are 1099, or who have LLCs.

Exciting news! There is a program now!

I have many options to choose from.

One particular program offers:

  • Plans specifically for 1099 employees, or a 1099 equivalent.
    • What’s a 1099 equivalent?
      • Some like an electrician, hairstylists, plumbers, or insurance agents have their licenses, and they can operate solely on their own.
      • So, in the instance of a hairstylist, if they do work for a hairstylist, this program is great. Or if they do work for a company that doesn’t offer health insurance, they can qualify for this plan.
    • The other cool thing about these plans, is there are multiple HSA options
    • The price point is less than major medical.
      • Again, if you qualify for subsidy and you’re a 1099, that is still probably your best bet for us to do Marketplace, but we can evaluate.
      • If you qualify for a subsidy, you are likely to pay more with this plan.
      • This plan is meant for people who make too much to qualify for a subsidy, and maybe do not want a straight indemnity plan.
    • It offers some indemnity options but also has major medical coverage.
      • There is a BCBS option
      • There are PPO plans
    • It’s a federally based plan
      • not a Texas, or state plan
    • We can enroll you year-round.

Compared to some of the other restrictions we face on other plans, this one is pretty cool in my opinion! Reach out to find out more!

If you would like to have a phone call please feel free to reach out.

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