I Had An Accident

Let’s talk accident plans:

  • A lot of people think, “Well, I have health insurance”, or “I have auto insurance”, which will cover me in case of an accident.
  • Well, it will help pay for your hospital expenses, treatment, and those kinds of things.
  • But, what it doesn’t pay for is:
    • your deductible
    • your co-pays
    • time you’ve missed from work.

An accident plan can be a really good partner to any health insurance you already have.

It is there for the things we can’t predict.

Think car accidents, kids in sports, anything can happen that we do not plan for.

An accident plan pays cash directly to you.

You get a lump sum amount, based on the treatment you receive and, and on the diagnosis of your injuries.

Also, most accident plans have a built-in accidental death benefit, which is nice to have. Because most people don’t have life insurance on their kids. And statistically speaking, they’re more likely to lose their life due to an accident than an illness. So having that coverage could be very beneficial. If you know, heaven forbid, you do lose a child due to an accident, you do have some money coming to you that will help offset funeral expenses.

So I feel like everyone should take a look at an accident plan.

I have a couple of options that we can look at. One has a little more benefits than the other.

It just kind of depends on what your deductible is.

Is this disability coverage?

No. Although, it certainly can mimic disability, which is what people always ask me for what if I get hurt and I can’t work?

Disability is almost exclusively done through an employer. And if you don’t have an employer that offers it, then it’s quite difficult to try to get disability coverage, and this is one way to kind of mimic that if you have an accident and are unable to work.

The extra plan will pay again based on your injuries and treatment. Not necessarily whether you can work or not, but that money would be helpful to you because it could cover some lost wages or help cover your out-of-pocket costs.

If you have any questions please free to reach out to me.

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