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As an insurance broker, my services to YOU as the client are free. Many people ask me how I then get paid.

The insurance companies pay me a very small portion of the premium that they collect. All of the companies pay me about the same portion, so it doesn’t matter to me in any way which plan or company you choose to go with. This is an important thing to remember when working with me as your broker. Some agents/brokers are contracted by a particular company and will obviously only get paid if you sign on for a plan with that insurance company.

Another factor is that the portion I get paid is the same whether you are putting in $2000 a month premium or $300 a month. This means that I can advise you on the plan that is truly best for you without worrying about my commission value.

So, the first reason to pick me as your insurance agent: I can assist you UNBIASED in getting the best plan. Working with me, we can assess the ABSOLUTE best plan for your budget and needs, and you can sign on, and I will get my portion. As your agent, I know which insurance companies tend to be easier to deal with, and I can help you make a great choice

The other reason you should pick me as your insurance agent is for the advice that I can give you on medical bills and billing. You may have read about this in some of my previous blogs, but in summary, I can assist you with:

  • Reviewing the bills to make sure correct billing codes were used.
  • Reviewing to make sure overall the bills are correct.
  • Negotiating large bills both before and after it has been sent to collections.
  • Asking for financial assistance.
  • Handling collections – advising you on important facts such as they can’t report you to the credit bureau for 12 months, giving you time to negotiate.

As your insurance broker, I bring all my expertise to the table; expertise that you may not get with other brokers. Book an appointment with me to discover other ways I can assist you.

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