How to save money on healthcare procedures

We all know that healthcare and healthcare procedures can be really expensive. Even when we have good insurance, due to the high deductible, we’re often left paying huge amounts for procedures out of pocket. As a healthcare consumer, you’re not usually given options of where to go for your procedures and end up paying or receiving huge bills for a procedure because it was from an in-network facility. If you are someone that doesn’t usually meet your deductible, it makes sense to shop around and find the best and most effective option for your procedure. You don’t have to always choose an in-network facility to have your procedure done. It is valuable to want to go to a doctor that you love and trust, however, a chest x-ray is simply a chest X-ray, and it doesn’t matter where you go to have it done. Why would you pay $300 for an X-ray that you could get for $30? As we discussed in my previous blog, many places charge well above what is standard. Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to save money on healthcare procedures?

This week I would like to share with you a great tool that will help you find affordable health care options for procedures and services. It’s called

It is a concierge service where, once you have your orders from your doctor regarding your procedure, you call their number, explain what you need, and they will find a hospital or practice that is cost-effective. This allows you to make educated decisions about where to have your procedures based on their cost.

Using this service, you can find options for general outpatient procedures such as X-rays, MRI’s, mammograms, etc. One of the biggest benefits I appreciate about this concierge service is that they offer lab work. One of my clients shared with me that they were able to have a lipid panel (tests your cholesterol) done for $4 instead of $80. That is an incredible savings! And if your insurance does cover the service at the particular place you choose to go, to you can actually make money! How? Say the facility charges $214 for your mammogram, but your insurance pays out $250 for a mammogram, by sending in your receipt from being a cash patient, you may (not always) be reimbursed the full amount from insurance, meaning you can pocket the $36.

My mission is to help people save money on their healthcare. Whether it’s on your insurance premiums or your out-of-pocket expenses, I know the industry and can educate you on all the options. Schedule an appointment with me today (

JKapp Consulting is here to help. Remember – if we do shop around, instead of going to the places where we are ‘forced’ to, hopefully, we can plan a part in bringing their pricing down and stop them charging these outrageous fees.

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