What do I need to do about vision insurance?

Last week we discussed dental insurance – one of the most asked questions I receive. Another common question I get asked is, “What do I need to do about vision insurance?” When it comes to vision insurance, there are a lot of choices and many different programs I offer. Let’s discuss one of the most common options, VSP.

VSP is one of the most well-known and most widely accepted vision insurances. You may be familiar with VSP, particularly if you’ve ever worked for an employer that offered vision insurance as a benefit, it was most likely VSP. As a health insurance agent, I have the capability to offer VSP on an individual basis. This is a great option for individuals because now you can access very good vision coverage that is nationwide.

I get asked often how important it is to have vision insurance. If you or a family member does not need glasses or contacts, we can discuss their importance, but if you have glasses or contacts it can be very beneficial. VSP is very affordable on an individual/family level and can serve as a very good “fallback”. The average cost for an individual currently is $15 per month. Often that will give you benefits where an exam, for example, has only a $10 copay.

VSP offers you peace of mind knowing you have vision insurance in case they need coverage.

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