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Top tip today: Do yourself a favor and allow me (a Super Agent) to help you!

Something that I hear from so many people is that there is never enough time to do everything and that trying to find time to do things can be so tough. My time is important to me too, I understand this struggle.

One of the biggest pros to working with an agent like myself is that if you book an appointment with me, you know you’re going to get me. Not a call center where you don’t have a relationship with the person who answers the phone.

One of the reasons that I always ask for you to book an appointment, is because it can save you time. That’s what I do. I know a lot of the ins and out of insurance, I don’t know everything, but I know a lot. And if I don’t know it, I know where to look to get the information.

When you’re hunting for insurance, having assistance from someone who understands how it all works is vital. Let’s say you need a group plan for your business and for your employees, and you want to know how that would work, and if you should use group insurance. You need to know things like:

  • Should you allow your employees to pick their own plans on the Marketplace?
  • Do they need individual insurance on the Marketplace?

This is where I come into play.

I do an initial consultation with you, and I gather all the information I need to run some quotes. I also find out what’s important to you, so that I can save you time. As an individual, you could go into the Marketplace and do it yourself. You’d put in your zip code, your age, etc., and then you would have 350 plants to choose from, and who would not be overwhelmed by that?

What I do is, take all the information from our initial consultation and plug it in. If doctors are important to you and you take certain medications, I plug all that information in. I ask about your income to see if you qualify for any help with paying for the premium, and then I narrow it down based on what you told me was important to you. I narrow it down usually to about four plans.

The next step is that I will send you an email with those four plans after the initial consultation.

Many times, people want to talk about those four plans, which is fine. We book another appointment to iron out these questions. And usually, that’s all it takes.

In terms of gathering your information from you, remember, I will not ask you for social security numbers. I do ask for dates of birth, your zip code, your income, the doctors that you see, and the medications that you take. Once we decide to move forward with a plan, then that’s the point that I will need the additional information, such as my social security number

Another key point: I prefer to make the initial payment for you.

This is because sometimes, if you go in and select to pay for the first bill of your plan, but I have not finished all the details on my end, the system can deselect me as your agent. I can set up auto-pay for some of the carriers but usually, I go through that process with you explaining to you how to set up your portal. I’ll get a confirmation number for your first payment – even though on your end it may take up to six days to reflect that the payment has been done.

Insurance can be very tricky. I try to help simplify it and get you the right plans as quickly as possible. I give you the plan that best matches your needs, no matter what my commission is. I am not going to suggest a plan to you based on how much commission I’m going to make because honestly, it doesn’t matter. For all the companies it’s all about the same. I would much rather have you as a happy customer, getting the plan you need than get an extra dollar in commission.

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