• Plan ahead – research before you need to leave your employer’s coverage
  • Use a broker like myself (people trying to sell products will leave you with less-than-optimal plans)
  • Know your options: ACA, Market Place, and private plan options
    • Discuss these with me if you need help!

A lot of people who decide to leave their employers and become a 1099/self-employed or contract employee are unsure of what their health insurance options are.

I’ve seen a lot of ads recently on Facebook, for business owner insurance, advertising no co-pays, choose your own doctor, etc. All these things are red flags all over the place. This is because firstly, it’s probably not ACA-compliant, which is fine as long as you understand that. And secondly, these are usually limited-benefit plants.

(I also don’t like that they have a picture of a BlueCross BlueShield card in their ad, and that’s not actually what you’re going to get). So be very wary of those ads or when you fill out the form because then you’re going to start getting a lot of phone calls, texts, and emails because they’re trying to sell you a product.

When you work with a broker like myself, I am not trying to sell you a product, in fact, I am actually trying to solve a problem. You come to me, looking for the best health insurance options as a self-employed individual, and it is my job to present you with all the options, particularly the ones that would best suit YOUR needs.

So if you consult with me, I’m not going to harass you with phone calls. I will send you a text or email that will give you the information you need. I will then maybe follow up once or twice just to make sure you receive the information I gave you, and then the ball is in your court.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to plan ahead if you’re going to have a life-changing event. Even if you’re unsure how it’s going to affect you, get booked onto my schedule, and we can talk through it.

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