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During open enrollment this year, I had a lot of people who wanted to know about HSA accounts.

(Health Savings Account). Many people wanted to know if there were plans that were compatible with their insurance plan. While insurance plans are compatible with HSAs on the Marketplace, there are not many out there off the Marketplace. A lot of times an employer will offer an HSA. But if you’re self-employed, or you’re getting insurance on your own, and you want the benefit of an HSA, there’s just not a lot of choices out there.

But, there is an alternative. It’s not an HSA. But it’s very similar.

  • You put money in and they match it.
  • You pick the amount that you want your target amount to be, and they will match you dollar for dollar. You can also see how long it takes to get to your target point, etc.
  • What’s great about these plans is that they’re not tied to a health plan.

Bonus, you can use it whether you have insurance or not.

  • You still had to use it for qualified expenses, but it’s a lot more lenient than an HSA is.
    • You can use it for cosmetic stuff like Botox or for fillers
    • You can use it for any traditional medical expenses such as hospital stays and co-pays.
    • You can use it for prescriptions.
    • You can use it for holistic doctors, which a lot of insurance companies don’t cover.

This is not a true HSA, but it is another way that you can say have your dollars matched and save money and save up for those expenses.

And then you know, once it’s in there, you get your money. You will always be 100% invested in it. So it’s a cool option. If you would like a little bit more on those HSA-type plans, please hop on my calendar, and go to my website, You can book an appointment with me. I’m happy to visit with you about those, give you information, and see if that’s a fit for you.

If you need any help please feel free to reach out to me. 

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