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Today’s topic: another way to save money on health care costs!

What if you need an expensive medication and can not use the generic version/there is no generic? Or, what if your insurance will not cover the medication you need?

There is a joke going around that if you see a medication advertised on TV, it is probably thousands and thousands of dollars. We call those “brand meds”. What if you need a brand med?

Most insurance companies don’t want to cover those meds without you having met a large deductible. And even then, once you have met that deductible, it’s usually covered at about 50% with coinsurance, which can be a lot of money. If you need to take something like Ozempic, for example, you may be wondering, “How am I going to afford this?” Well, not only do I try to pick a plan that will at least give you something for these meds once you hit a deductible, but I can also offer you advice on other options for saving money.

Manufacturers want people to take their medications so that they can make money.

Did you know that some manufacturers offer prescription discount cards? This can be an effective way to save on your medication.

With these discount cards come some factors:

  • Some people qualify for a savings program, which means you get your medication potentially for free.
  • Sometimes doctors have samples of the medication
  • But the other workaround is a low copay.
    • I’ve seen some of those meds be as low as a $10 copay with the prescription card from the manufacturer.

So how does that work? One of the requirements is you have commercial insurance, you can’t be uninsured.

  • The next step is to go to the manufacturer’s website, or you can go to good RX.
  • Type in your medication, and then scroll down after you see the outrageous pricing on your medication, and there’ll be two boxes; one will say prescription, and the other, financial assistance available or prescription savings program, something like that.
  • You click on that the next screen for savings available; it will tell you how to get your prescription discount card.
  • Usually, you just fill in a little bit of information and they’ll email it to you.
  • It’s really simple, and it’s free.

If you’d like to learn more on how to save or to talk to me further, don’t hesitate to reach out and book a call with me!

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