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I want to bring to your attention that this year, the out-of-pocket maximums on all plans were increased.

That is important to know. Unless you’re on a Silver plan (which gives you some cost-saving reduction), that means your out-of-pocket maximum can be as high as $9,450 per person up to two on a plan.

So how do you counter that?

You’re not going to hit that out-of-pocket maximum unless you’re hospitalized. Truly, that is probably going to be the case. So how do we counter that?

There is a great plan option, a supplemental plan option, that’s pretty affordable, and with it, you have several different levels to pick from.

With this, you can get:

  • A payout for a hospital admission is up to $6350 per person.
  • Plus a daily benefit of either $100 or $200, I usually recommend $200 a day for every day you’re in the hospital, and that amount is going to be paid directly to you.
    • This will help you when you get that big hospital bill and it shows you owe $9450.

Of course, I wouldn’t say pay that bill immediately. If you’ve listened to any of my videos on my blogs, I always tell you that never pay the first bill, you can negotiate with the hospital, you may have to wait till it goes to collections, but you can negotiate. And the whole point would be to get that $9450 knocked down. And then the supplemental plan, not only will it cover the half, but you’ll make little money, you’ll come out ahead and I say make money as far as the billing goes because you may have lost time at work or other financial hardships that you had because you were in the hospital.

So this plan is meant to put money in your pocket to help offset those costs.

Now, the other good news about this plan is we can enroll you at any time. We’re not bound by that January 16, deadline that is looming very quickly. It’s a great plan to help offset that cost and put your mind at ease to make sure you have some expenses covered if you are hospitalized.

If I saved you a ton of money on your health care plan because I worked my magic on the marketplace and figured out a plan that worked for you, then hopefully you have a little bit of money to put your effort toward this. And I can’t stress enough that I think this is a good safety net for people, and that it can truly take the financial stress out of someone being hospitalized or having some big medical occurrence.

If you need help with your health insurance I am here to help you.

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