It’s Almost Open Enrollment

It’s fall in Texas! It feels like we’ve been preparing for this for a while, having had a warm summer. Something else we’re preparing for is open enrollment.

We had a special enrollment period this year that ended on August 15th, but now regular open enrollment begins in less than two weeks, on November 1st. If you already have an existing marketplace plan when November 1st comes, there are a lot of little tricks and tips you can use to make sure that you have the right coverage and apply the subsidy correctly. You can apply these tips on your own, but in my experience, my clients have been very happy having an advocate assist them. So if you would like me to take a look at that for you and help you choose a plan, please feel free to reach out to me. The best plan is to schedule a time with me before November 1st, and I can bring your plan into the Marketplace, look at what coverage you currently have, and then once November 1st arrives, we can review the new choices available to you.

Remember that you’re going to receive a letter from your insurance, telling you what the new premiums going to be for 2022 because they go up every year. Open enrollment will begin November 1st and it will end December 15th. This is for the plan year 2022. So that means the coverage that you select between November 1st and December 15th will go into effect on January 1st.

My goal is to make sure you have the right coverage. By using an agent, you’re picking an advocate that can help guide you and help you pick the right plan. Schedule an appointment with me on my website, if you’re interested!

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