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Did you know that as a small business owner, by having me as your agent, you are getting your own HR department?

What do I mean by that? Most small business owners don’t have an office manager and they certainly don’t have an HR department that can handle the benefits for employees. This is one of the services I provide to my small business group owners. Remember – you’re good at your business, and generally, you’re not good at HR, because that’s not your wheelhouse.

You need someone who understands insurance, who understands shopping around for plans, benefits, and options. You need someone who is able to explain benefits, deductibles, and co-pays to your employees. A small business does not have an HR department to assist with these matters.

An added benefit to having me as your health insurance agent is not only is this my area of expertise, but I also have a background of over 25 years of managing medical and dental practices.

  • I understand about running small businesses, and I understand about administrating benefits.
  • I also understand the medical coding and billing, that happens from the providers.
  • I can give a lot of insight to you and your employees. I’m available for your employees to email me or call me with questions. They can contact me about lost ID cards, and all the stuff that as a business owner you don’t have time to deal with since you need to focus on running your business.

This is a unique thing that I provide that most brokers do not. I challenge you to find another insurance broker that has the experience that I do in HR. (I actually have a business degree in Management).

Being in a small business myself, I do not just throw some plans at you and say, “Pick one.” as the bigger brokers do. I truly do a ‘deep dive’ to see what you need for you and your employees and to see what works best for your business. Schedule a conversation with me to find out more information.

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