Health Insurance Questions

Overwhelmed by the options out there for health care insurance?

Unsure as to how to navigate the in’s-and-outs of deductibles vs out-of-pocket costs vs premiums vs benefits?

TOP TIP: Attend a free mini-session with me to find out all you need to know to make the best healthcare coverage decisions!

Many people that I speak to express a desire to understand their health insurance plans better. They tell me that sometimes it feels like they are just paying all this money for a premium to a plan that they randomly selected because they knew they needed to be covered. There are so many factors to consider when looking at health insurance. And many times, the average consumer is not aware of all these factors. One of the major factors is the overall cost.

Your costs include a lot more than just the monthly premium and deductible. Often, weighing in all the cost factors (co-pays, out-of-pockets, network restrictions) can make you realize that a plan that seemed great on paper, is in fact, not that great when it comes to your overall costs vs benefits you receive.

This is where having a healthcare agent/broker comes into play. Their advice and knowledge of the industry are invaluable when it comes to selecting the right plan for you. I have over 25 years of experience in managing medical and dental practices and 10 years as an independent insurance broker. This helps me bring a unique perspective in helping you find the right coverage for your needs. One of my greatest passions is equipping you with tools to navigate and negotiate medical bills.

If you want to understand your health insurance and find out all the information you need to know about selecting great plans, then join me for a free healthcare education event.

One of the main themes I will be looking at is tips and tricks for paying less out of pocket for health expenses. The healthcare system is complex and there are ways to make sure that the system works for you, and that you are not left paying unnecessary, inflated bills. And if you do receive that bill, I can empower you with steps to take to negotiate your bill and make sure you have been billed correctly.


Thursday, February 23rd

Registration: 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm, Program begins at 7:00 pm

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