Having an agent for marketplace plans

Time for another Tidbit Tuesdays Blog post! This week I want to remind everybody about having an agent for Marketplace Plans. There is currently a special open enrollment period in place – which ends August 15th. This is your last chance to make adjustments to your plan or sign up for a new plan until the end of the year. Why is this important? The most important reason is that this enrollment period gives people an opportunity to have healthcare. Instead of having to wait to open enrollment, you can begin a plan now.

An important piece of advice is that I highly recommend having an agent navigate your Marketplace plan, and have the agent call Marketplace. Often the Marketplace agents do not always ask you all the right questions and they may not know the exact coverage you need to make sure your current doctors stay in-network.

Utilizing me as your agent does not cost you at all. I am here to assist in two main ways when it comes to Marketplace. The first is signing you up for a plan if you do not have one. The second, and this is important, is to assist you in evaluating your coverage and ensuring you have the correct plan. I can check on the subsidies offered and ensure that if you qualify for one, that you are utilizing it. Many people do not realize that they qualify for subsidies. They are surprised to learn that they’re overpaying – and this is usually because they didn’t know to update their plan in the Marketplace, which then allowed them to qualify for an additional subsidy.

In summary, checking and updating your current Marketplace plan can be highly beneficial to you. As your health insurance agent, I am happy to look at your plan, evaluate it and make sure it’s a good fit for your family. If applicable, I can then assist you in getting subsidies.

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