Getting Older

Something I don’t talk about very often is Medicare. Something a lot of us don’t talk about is getting older.

As a health insurance broker, I am qualified to sell Medicare, and I have someone dedicated in my office that does strictly Medicare, because there’s so much to Medicare.

If you’re approaching 65, be advised that, 90 days before you turn 65, you need to sign up for Medicare. That’s the first step, then you need to contact me.

We can get you an appointment with my partner so that he can evaluate your choices. And he does the same thing I do. It truly is on a case-by-case basis. And we help take the mystery out of that, to sit down with you and figure out what’s best.

Top tip:

Avoid using websites or responding to mail regarding Medicare.

Once you do, you will be swamped with hundreds of calls.

Working with us will help you determine your needs, your situation, and whether Medicare makes sense as your primary plan or as a supplementary plan.

Be wary of any Medicare brokers who only offer one option, one supplement, but don’t offer multiple things. Because again, if you’re not shopping, you’re not comparing, and you may not be getting the right thing for you and your budget.

Next tip:  once you’re eligible for Medicare, you are no longer eligible for the subsidy on the Marketplace. 90 days before you turn 65, once I know you’re enrolled, I can cancel your Marketplace coverage. You don’t want to owe that money back to the IRS by remaining on that coverage. That’s something that people just don’t realize.

You are eligible for Medicare on the first day of the month that you turn 65. So, we want to get your previous coverage to the end of the last day of the month before your birthday. That is why letting me know 90 days before helps to make sure we have all the details in place.

The other thing is if your birthdate happens upon the first of the month, you get bumped backward to the previous month. So if your birthday was June 1, you’re eligible for Medicare May 1.

There are income factors to your Medicare plan, and we will discuss them next week!

Hop onto my website if you would like to book a call with my partner to chat about your Medicare needs!

Remember there is nothing wrong with getting older!

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