Family Glitch

We are right in the middle of open enrollment and today’s Tuesday Tip:

There’s been a change that I want everyone to know about this year: The glitch is fixed for family subsidies.

In previous years, if you or your spouse were offered employer health care, that meant that you did not qualify for a subsidy on the exchange.

This year, however, things are different. They fixed the glitch!

What I mean by that is that if it’s too expensive to add your spouse or family to your employer’s health care, you now have a chance to qualify for your family to qualify for a subsidy on a marketplace plan.

Would this apply to you? To find out, you would need to provide all this information to me when we do the application, in order to see if you actually will qualify. I will need your employer’s name, the cost of coverage for yourself, as well as the cost of coverage for adding the family because we’re going to have to plug all that information in to determine what kind of subsidy your family would qualify for.

Usually, a lot of employers only pay for 50% of the employee coverage, which is all they’re required to do. Some employers pay more, and some employers give people just X amount that they apply toward the total. So it’ll be important for me to have that information to determine if this would be a cost-effective option for your family.

A lot of you are doing open enrollment with your employers right now. So get that information from HR. You can book a time with me and then we can analyze to see what makes the most sense for you and your family. Whether to go with your employer plan or do a Marketplace plan, hopefully, you qualify for a subsidy and that will make your coverage cheaper. I certainly don’t want anyone to go without health care coverage if at all possible.

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