Dental Insurance 101


  • Decide on your need for insurance based on your dental needs
  • If you do not have many dental problems and go in for the occasional cleaning, check-up, and minor work, it is likely that a plan will not be beneficial for you.
  • DETNAL MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMS may be a great option for you. These usually include cleanings, and discounted X-rays, and often work out cheaper than paying for dental insurance.
  • If you’re somebody that has a lot of dental problems; a
    • DENTAL SAVING PLANS may be the best option for you.
    • This is not insurance.
    • You pay a yearly fee (for family it’s about $180 for the whole year).
    • With this, you can get discounts at in-network dentists.
    • These don’t usually make much difference on the routine things, but if you need bigger services such as wisdom teeth extractions or orthodontics, then you could save tons of money with this.


I had a client whose daughter needed her wisdom teeth extracted and they had no dental insurance, but we got them on the savings plan. Their oral surgeon was actually in-network with this savings plan. And they paid for just the daughter because she was 18. They ended up saving over $2,000 on the wisdom teeth extractions.

This can apply as well to orthodontia. There are also no waiting periods, and there’s no pre-existing clause. You’d have the procedure done and yes, save the money. And it’s really affordable because you know, for less than $200 a year for a whole family, that is insanely inexpensive, So if you want more information, shoot me an email to make an appointment.

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