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It’s Thanksgiving week! It’s a great time to be thankful. One thing that I am very thankful for is that I have a lot of health insurance-related knowledge that I can share with people, whether it’s helping them choose the right coverage for them in their family, or understanding the different plans that are out there so that I can help them make the right choice.

It’s awesome to help people save money on any procedures that they have done, as well as helping them save money on medical bills- keeping money in their pocket, whether it’s for premiums or for any expenses that they have had due to healthcare. I’m very thankful for all my clients and the knowledge I get to share with them.

I hope that you have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving, no matter how you choose to celebrate it. I will be taking the day off in the hopes of enjoying some time with my family and enjoying some great football and a wonderful feast that we have every year. I encourage everyone to do the same.

My calendar link will be available on my website so that if during this open enrollment period you still haven’t made a choice on your health plan or feel like you need help with your health plan piece, you can feel free to book an appointment with me through there.

During open enrollment, I am happy to sit with you or a family member, discuss the plan options, go over your doctors or medication. I truly, truly want to help you find the right coverage. There’s a lot of exciting new plans this year, one of them being Aetna. If you haven’t already looked at Marketplace coverage, Aetna has come into the market, and while their plan isn’t a PPO plan, the great benefit that they are offering is that they’ve partnered with CVS. So, this means that they’re now owned by the same company, so you can go to any Minute Clinic nationwide and be seen. That’s really awesome because I know that sometimes when people get sick when traveling, they don’t know what to do. Of course, Teladoc is available to them 24/7, but if they feel they need to go in and see someone, they’ve just had to find their local CVS that has a Minute Clinic, and they can go in and get seen.

I’m up to date on all the new plans. I can help you pick out a plan if you need marketplace coverage, or if you’d rather do something else, I can help with that as well. Schedule an appointment with me on

And again, happy Thanksgiving!

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