What tools do you have in your tool belt?

Tip Tuesday: make sure you are not paying too high of a co-pay! $30 copay for a medication is high!

I have talked in the past about prescriptions, specifically not overpaying for prescriptions.

This is because of several plans, co-pays are fairly high for generics and especially for brand name medication.

I have talked about GoodRx – that is one solution.

But there’s also another solution that doesn’t involve the small $ 10-a-month membership.

  • It’s called Drexi
  • They have the option of enrolling yourself and your family.
  • Everyone can be covered under the same $10, and get medications covered for a more reasonable price.

So if you have a plan where maybe your medication is not covered, or you’re paying a high copay, you should check this out.

  • You can search for prescriptions before you sign up.
  • This allows you to see what you would be paying. And that might be an option for you.

Let’s go back to GoodRX.

If you go to GoodRX, look up your medication and scroll down.

For brand name medication:

  • There are usually two options.
    • One is a manufacturer coupon that will give you a lower price for your medication if you use the coupon in conjunction with having commercial insurance.
      • Even employer insurance can be used with
    • Or, some have patient assistance programs.
      • So if you were in the lower income bracket, you may be able to get help with paying for the medication outright where you don’t have to pay anything.
    • So those are two options on the GoodRX site to link to the manufacturer site to get savings on those expensive medications.

Lastly, another option is the HEB prescription program.

It is pretty good for a lot of medications, and it’s worth comparing with them.

Remember my motto, “If you see the prescription on TV, it’s going to be 1000s of dollars a month”.

Utilize the services to help bring your cost down for those brand-name medications and even some generics.

So again what tools do you have in your tool belt? If you need help adding more tools, please feel free to reach out to me.

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