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This week I want to look at employers that do not offer health insurance because they feel that they can not.

A lot of small business owners do not, for obvious reasons, offer health insurance, usually because it’s very expensive. They have to cover 50% of the cost to offer traditional health insurance to their employees, meaning that if they want their employees to have coverage, sometimes it’s just more than what they can afford.

Did you know that I can offer help to those employers, to make sure that their employees have coverage? There are a couple of different things I can do to help in a situation where a small business owner is not currently offering their employees coverage.

  1. Since the employer does not offer major medical as a benefit, sometimes the employees will qualify for a subsidy on the Marketplace, which is great. This is a win for the employer. They’re making sure that their employees have coverage, and it’s not costing them anything. The employees are actually saving money on their premiums, and a lot of times are having more coverage for a lot less money because they have a subsidy. As an employer, you can make use of my services to get your employees signed up for the correct and most suitable Marketplace plans for them.
  2. Another option, for employers, is that we can get creative with options that are affordable for you. These options are supplemental coverage plans that complement the plan that the employee chooses on the Marketplace. There are all kinds of supplemental coverages that can help with filling gaps for major medical insurance.

Many times these options are very affordable, very reasonable, completely customizable, and are based on the demographics of the employer and the employees. So really, all I need is a consultation, to sit down with the employer, talk to them, learn about their business, learn about their employee base; find out if they are having trouble keeping employees or getting employees, as well as information related to their financial situation as far as being able to offer benefits, and lastly, what is that they want to do for their employees. And after this initial consultation, I come up with some ideas and proposals that I present to the employer.

These options allow me to help people, specifically those that thought they couldn’t offer any coverage to their employees. It’s beneficial to both employers and employees, as the employees see that they are trying to give their employees some benefit. It’s great for the employees because now they’re getting a benefit, whether it’s through the employer or through the Marketplace.

It all starts with having that conversation. So, if you are a small business owner and want to see how to take care of your employees, hop on over to my page, and schedule a time to chat with me, and we can discuss the various options available to you.

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