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Client testimony – selecting the right coverage for you is so important!

So this week, I wanted to give you a little story about how I recently helped a client. As an insurance agent, what I find is that people generally have all kinds of ideas about insurance. What I hear a lot is people are telling me how unhappy they are with their insurance. However, when I ask them some questions, what I find is that it usually comes down to them not doing enough research beforehand to get the correct policy.

Recently, I had a gentleman who called me to thank me for his coverage. When he contacted me initially, he had just had a life event and didn’t have coverage. He needed to get coverage. Upon asking him questions about his situation and his needs, he told me he was having back pain and other issues, and that he needed counseling appointments and medications. I asked him various questions about the doctors he wanted to see. By getting all of this information, I was able to determine that due to all of these pre-existing conditions, he would need Marketplace coverage.

I was able to assist him in picking some plans, and we actually got him on Oscar insurance, a zero deductible plan with just co-pays. He’s had several appointments already, and his copay was just $5. For many of the appointments, such as his MRI, he didn’t have to pay anything. They might bill him for $300 later on, and he can make payments on that.

He called me to thank me, and say that he was so relieved. He said he was glad that he didn’t get any of that Obamacare stuff. I laughed, and said, “Sir, you have Marketplace coverage, which is ACA, you know, some people call it Obamacare, some people call it Trumpcare. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a government marketplace plan.”  His response was that he could not believe that he got such great coverage and that it costs so little. I explained to him that because of his income and his situation, he qualified for a subsidy, which helped with these premiums.

When it comes to health insurance coverage, it’s all about shopping for the right plan and taking the time to due to your research and due diligence. I asked him many questions that lead me to present plans to him that met his particular needs.

When people are unhappy with their insurance, it is generally because they didn’t choose the right plan or an agent didn’t choose the right plan for them. You know, I am not going to put somebody on a plan that has a huge deductible when I know they need to have all these doctor visits, because they may not be able to pay that deductible upfront out of pocket. So, we opt instead to pay a little bit more for premiums for a plan, and when they are going to the doctor, they’re not paying anything.

So that’s what I do. I ask all the important questions, try to match you with a plan, and give you the best choice. Remember, there’s nothing that covers 100% of everything. I try very hard to explain to you what is covered and what is not covered.

I always tell people, that it’s just math – doing the math to find out what makes sense for you.

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