Small Group Plans

Work for a small employer with under 50 employees? There are small group plans that are designed just for you!

One area of health care coverage that I love assisting clients with is small group plans.

There’s an interesting option out there that is major medical, but is different from traditional plans called the Self-Funded plan for Small Employers:

  • The quote is based on the demographics of your company
  • Plans designed specifically for your company
  • Allows as little as two people
  • Can be 1099 employees
  • Rate is based on demographics of your company, health, ages, and living location of employees
  • Plans have various deductibles and co-pays that we can figure out according to your company’s needs
  • Uses the Aetna and Cigna network – not small networks in Texas

This could greatly reduce the premium – as compared to traditional plans where everyone is lumped together under one premium.

This is a real option for small employers to be able to offer their employees, particularly 1099 employees great coverage for a great price point!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

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