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A lot of the blogs and information I put out there are about individual health care coverage. Today I would like to talk to you about employer plans and benefits, as this is also something that I offer my clients.

I did HR for 25 years, and I managed small offices. I am well aware of what employees want and how employers struggle to provide benefits for their employees. They need someone that can present creative solutions to these problems.

In our job market right now, especially here in Austin, employers cannot find workers. I’m sure there are a lot of reasons for that. But one of the reasons is employee benefits. For example, someone who is a very small business owner (less than 10 employees), can’t afford to offer major medical benefits to their employees. But did you know that there are other things that a small business owner in this situation could do?

There are a number of creative solutions that I can customize to fit your budget. I sit down with you or via telephone, and I have a conversation; learn about your business, learn about your employees, learn about what your goals are. And then I put together a benefits package that I present to you. We discuss it and talk about all the pros and cons. We then finalize what you want to offer your employees.

One of the best parts about my service is that you don’t have to talk to the employees about this. That is my job. I educate your employees about what a great employer you are, that you’re going to offer all these benefits, and how these benefits will work for that employee. I handle all the paperwork. Yes, there is an initial setup, depending on what we do, I work with the employer getting the initial setup in place. But then from there on out, I do all the work. And I present you with a final tally of who’s enrolled, if there are deductions, and setting up your payment accounts, and I help you walk you through it all.

This is so important because small business owners just do not realize that there are so many choices out there. And I help provide those choices. Even if you’re self-employed, if you have at least one employee, sometimes there are things we can do. But if it’s a husband or wife situation, and you have one employee, there are definitely things we can do to provide benefits and just take care of that one employee.  Maybe we’re not trying to attract more employees, but you want to make sure your one employee is taken care of because they’re a key employee and you don’t want them to leave.

Schedule an appointment with me. I’m very, very happy to help small business owners find solutions to hiring people and getting great talent because they’re offering a pretty robust benefits package. It is possible!

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