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Healthy living means taking note of our skin.

We have been talking for the last few weeks about healthy living tips. We have covered food and supplements (check my blog home page for more!).

Did you know that what you put ON your body is equally as important as what you put IN your body?!

Some facts to take note of about our skin:

  • The skin is the largest organ in your body
  • We absorb things from our environment through the skin

Since it is the largest organ, in order to remain healthy, we need to be paying close attention to what we put on our skin, as the chemicals and toxins in various products can get absorbed. Products such as shampoos, lotions, and tanning products can have endocrine disruptors in them, which could negatively affect one’s health. Endocrine disruptors can impact the metabolic system. Other products can leave residues on the skin, which can have negative health implications.

It is important to take note of the lotions and shampoos that you use as well as household cleaners such as dishwashing liquid and laundry detergent.

But how do you know which body products are safe for your skin?

I know of two really cool apps which can help!

  1. Yuka (it has a little carrot icon)
    • Allows you to scan the UPC code of the product, in order to see what ingredients are in the products you’re using.
    • The app then rates products from excellent to poor
    • The app lists the ingredients in the product – starting with the worst
  1. EWG Healthy Living (has a little green thumbprint icon)
    • This app can help you figure out which detergents and fabric softeners are safest to use by providing you with information on ingredients.

The main aspect that these apps can help you with is decision-making. Certain toxins are worse for our bodies than others, and it can be hard to memorize every single one and know which ones cause greater harm. Using these apps can help you decide which products to never buy, or which to take a risk on, because in reality, buying the healthiest options can be very expensive, and at times you may need to make your best choice for health and budget.

If you have any questions or want to discuss anything health insurance related please feel free to book an appointment with me.

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