What is the cost of an insurance broker agent?

What is the cost of an insurance broker agent?

Hey guys, happy Tuesday. The most often asked question I get from clients or potential clients that call me, is “how much do you charge for your services?” What is the cost of an insurance broker agent?

Well, there is no fee for my services no fee to have a licensed agent review coverages. It also does not save you any money if you don’t use an agent. A lot of people have that misconception that “if I just go directly to the marketplace and talk to them, then my rate will be cheaper.” Same pricing whether you use an agent or not, but, you have the advantage of having a licensed agent that knows the different plans and will ask you questions about what your needs are.

I had a gentleman call me today that did not quite understand his insurance plan. He said, “They’re quoting me $6,500 for my surgery and I don’t have $6,500.” I looked up this plan and I said, “You have a zero-deductible plan, and all you are going to pay is your copay.” He then asked, “How much is my copay?” It was $1,000 for the facility, $300 for the doctor, and $300 for the anesthesiologist. In other words, the most he should pay out of pocket is $1600 for that surgery that he needs. He had thought when they told him it’s $6,500, he had to pay it. However, what really matters is the contract that you have with the insurance company and what the contract says you are supposed to pay.

Yes, you can go and shop and pick the plan you want, and never even have to speak to me. However, it’s an advantage to you that you have someone in your corner when or if you end up needing help or assistance.

Check out the rest of the video for more examples of how I can support and assist you at no cost. And contact us to learn more.

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