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Tip Tuesdays – it’s December 13 today and that means you have two days until the end of the first round of open enrollment!

If you want your plan to start on January 1, we need to make a selection before December 15th. This ensures that you can have your plan effective on the first of January. Remember that open enrollment is extended to January 15, but if we enroll you in a plan from December 16, through January 15, that means your plan will not start until February 1.

If you don’t care about having coverage for January, that’s fine. I have some people that do that, as they want to save a month’s premium. But if you don’t want to go without coverage, we have December 15 as a cut-off.

If you currently have coverage and don’t realize that maybe you’re having a premium increase on your policy, or that your policy is changing, and you forget to enroll by December 15, your plan will auto-renew, but it will auto-renew at the higher premium.

Sometimes people don’t realize that it’s coming up for renewal. And then, suddenly at the end of December, their bank account is debited for more than what they were paying before, they think, “Whoa, whoa, what happened?” Well, what happened was, they didn’t pick a new plan by December 15, and got dinged with the renewal price. If that happens to you, we can change it to February 1st, but you are kind of stuck with it for January.

Please make sure that if review your coverage, you know what your new premium is going to be. If you’re happy with your plan and don’t want to change, that’s fine. You can certainly keep what you’ve got, and it will just auto-renew, there’s nothing we need to do. But if you want to renew or look at your plan to see what changes are happening, hop on to my website, and get an appointment booked on my schedule.

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