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So this week, what I thought I would do is talk a little bit about myself, my background, my history, and how that helps me help people. As an agent/broker I have a unique perspective on helping my clients.

I worked in the medical industry for about 25 years. I have a business degree in Management, so I managed medical and dental practices at that time. This allowed me to see and work with a lot of insurance companies from the perspective of the doctor’s side because I was very involved with billing.

I have worked with both dental and medical billing, and I understand dental billing is so much easier than medical billing because there’s a lot less involved with that. One of the important things I understand is how it’s important to bill things correctly, and how it’s important to stay on top of the insurance companies. Most other brokers or agents would not have this experience, as I gained this firsthand working in the offices of medical practices.

Lessons I learned that I use to assist my clients today:

  • Getting approvals from insurance companies
  • Making sure the insurance company pays correctly
  • Making sure the doctor has billed it correctly

In terms of being a business manager, I now have experience in helping small business owners decide what benefits are best to offer their employees. Every practice I worked at was a practice with less than 50 employees, and I helped decide what benefits to offer the employees, and dealt with brokers and insurance companies from that perspective, allowing me to better understand the dynamics. I can also now, assist an employer with putting benefits in place, as well as helping to attract and retain employees based on the benefits offered.

I have also had family members have large medical events, where as an agent, I helped them navigate the billing and insurance companies.

So how does all of this experience and knowledge help you?

  • I have knowledge that most brokers do not have. Most brokers have not had to actually do medical billing. A lot of them don’t even understand it. I have a huge advantage in helping you in this regard.
  • Other insurance agents do not all have an understanding of how employers decide on what benefits to offer. I can help small business owners make these decisions to best serve their employees as well as their business budgets.
  • Many have not had to even deal with claims for themselves or family members. This alone is a great advantage to you.

I take all of the knowledge that I’ve learned and all of my experiences as an agent, and  I use that to help my clients with picking the right plan, as well as with bill negotiation later on. If you’ve ever had a consultation with me, you know that I give you 30 minutes, I ask all the personal questions needed to help me help you pick the best plan.

You can schedule a free consultation with me on my website – I look forward to helping you!

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