How to offer employer healthcare benefits

Often employers are seeking to hire great talent while offering a robust benefits package that will work in their favor. How to offer employer healthcare benefits is part of my job. I assist the employer in building a great healthcare package. In this blog, we will look at just that.

I have 25 year’s experience in HR, one of my responsibilities is managing small offices. Because of this, I am aware of what employees want, how employers struggle to provide benefits for their employees, and how both parties need someone that can present creative solutions to these problems. Today we’ll focus on the employer.

If you are a small business owner, there are a lot of creative solutions that I can customize to fit your budget, in order to do this, I need to learn about your business, about your employees, and about what your goals are. We do this through a meeting or telephone call. I can then put together a benefits package that suits your requirements and gives you the best benefits. We then discuss it, talk about pros and cons, and finalize the offer. You don’t have to talk to your employees about this – that’s my job.

I will come in and educate your employees about the great benefits you’ll be offering and how the benefits will work for that employee. I handle all the paperwork. I work with the employees getting the initial setup in place. I will present you with a final tally of who has enrolled, how the deductions works, and how to set up payment accounts. (I have experience on QuickBooks and can educate you on the many options available to you especially if you are self-employed).

Finding healthcare benefits that suit both you and your employees is possible. And I am here to help!

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