Happy Enrollment

Happy New Year, and happy first Tuesday of January! Hope everyone had a great holiday.

So we’re still in the midst of open enrollment. I know that the December 15 deadline came on upon us really quickly. What a lot of people do not realize, is that you still have a chance to make changes if you selected a plan.

Many times people are not sure if they’ve picked the right plan – especially if they didn’t have a broker help them. Remember, I can look at your plans, and see if you need to make changes. The changes won’t be in effect until February, but we can still make those changes. So just keep in mind that if you’ve picked a plan, and are not sure if you’ve picked the right one, I can help you with that.

Also, remember that I can help you if you have not yet selected a plan, and you did not have health insurance last year. You can still get coverage, the only fact to note is that your coverage will not start until February 1st. We have until January 15 to select a plan for you. That’s an important date to remember.

And lastly, also remember that if you did have insurance last year and failed to pick a plan, it auto-renews. You may not like the new premium, because the company just probably sent you new membership cards and all of that, without even telling you that there’s been a premium change. A lot of people miss this. I’m currently getting a lot of calls from people that are upset that they have a higher, (much higher premium!), and that they didn’t realize it went up. So if this has happened to you, give me a call. We can fix it for February 1st by trying to find you a more suitable plan.

If you’ve had any life change events, remember that life change events knock you into a special enrollment period. So if you’re losing coverage at the end of January, that means we actually have until January 31 to make your elections for February 1.

Remember though, this is only if you have a qualifying event, such as, you’re losing coverage due to a job change or to Cobra ending. Other options could be that you moved, had a baby recently, got married, or had a death in the immediate family; all those things can kick you to a special enrollment period. If you need to chat about any of these factors, head on over to the Calendly link on my page and book a time to chat.

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