Be Fabulous

I have been sharing a lot these past months about insurance – let’s take a break from insurance and talk about something else that I also help my clients with, and that is to be fabulous and live a better life.

Here are my three cents 😊

I think everyone deserves a splurge in their life. Here is what I mean by that.

I have a friend that I helped several years ago. She knows that I’m an organized person and a geek. My clothes are color-coordinated. So she had me come over, and we cleaned out and organized her closet. I made her try on everything in her closet, and there are a lot of things that had to go because she mainly shopped at Target and Walmart. Those clothes just don’t last and after one washing, they didn’t fit. So she got rid of a lot of stuff. The next day we went shopping. I took her to a store that is not a high-end store; not Neiman’s or Nordstrom, but they were having a big sale. One of the pairs of pants she tried on, she really loved, they were originally $200 marked down on sale for about $80. Not a bad deal. (And if you know me, you know I love nice designer clothing, but I do not like the nice designer prices. So I’m a big bargain shopper; I love the outlets).

Anyway, they were having a sale. And she said, “I love these pants, but my husband would kill me if I paid $80 for a pair of pants”. So I said, “Alright, I’m going to buy these for you for your birthday.” The reason I wanted to do that is to show her that even though she was used to spending $10-$15 on a pair of pants that she may wear once or twice, it’s not worth it. Spending $80 a on pair of pants that you can wear again and again, that still feel and look great, and not have to spend another $10-15 is worth it.

A couple of months later, we were chatting and she said “You know, I wear those pants at least twice a week. And I feel fabulous every time I put them on.” So there’s my lesson, you should do a splurge. One that makes you feel fabulous. It doesn’t have to be 1000s of dollars. It doesn’t even have to be hundreds of dollars. It’s something that would be special to you, that when you put it on, it makes you feel fabulous. I want everyone to feel fabulous. When you wear something or you carry a purse or whatever your thing is, that makes you feel fabulous.

Everyone needs a little fabulous in their life. Don’t break the bank. Don’t let your kids go hungry. But we all just need a little fabulous in our life to feel better for mental health, for our mental wellbeing, and actually makes us better people. You’re fabulous to other people, and you can handle things better. It’s just an overall mindset. So that’s all I have today – be fabulous, do something that makes you feel fabulous!


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